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This module provides an API that returns data from the bouncer in JSON format


The API comes with a number of functions that can be used to both retrieve and update information, these are as follows:


User Related

Network Related


Obtaining an API Key

To obtain a key, you will need to login your bouncer using IRC. Once logged in, you need to issue the following command:

   /msg *api generate

This will generate an API key for you to use. Please note that you will need to save your API key as once generated, it will not be displayed to you again. Should you lose your API key, you will need to use generate again to generate a new one.

Sending a Request

All requests to the API must be sent using HTTP POST to https://api.bnc4free.com/ along with a minimum of the below required variables:

Variable Description Example Value
server This is the name of the server you wish to query (normally the server your account is on Apple
username This is the username you use normally to login to the bouncer TestyTest
key The generated API key d681883383bcf7963427b1629d0b9963cf6335b5

The function name from API Functions should also be appended to the URI (E.g https://api.bnc4free.com/status)

Example Response

If your API query has been successful, you should receive a successful response which will look like the below:

       "uptime":"2h 38m 32s",
       "version":"fBNC - https://bnc4free.com"

Source: https://api.bnc4free.com/status