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Resource URI



Variable Required Description Example
server required The name of the server Apple
username required Your Username TestyTest
key required Your API Key d681883383bcf7963427b1629d0b9963cf6335b5
network required The name of the network to be added LiberaChat
ircserver required The IRC server to be deleted from the network irc.libera.chat
ircport required The IRC port that corresponds with the server to be deleted +6697
ircpassword optional The IRC password that was added with the server (if any) password123
user optional (Staff Only) The username to delete a server from a network for AnotherTestyTest

Example Request

   curl -XPOST 
    --url https://api.bnc4free.com/network/server/delete
    -d server=Apple
    -d username=TestyTest
    -d key=d681883383bcf7963427b1629d0b9963cf6335b5
    -d network=LiberaChat
    -d ircserver=irc.libera.chat
    -d ircport=+6697

Example Response

      "status" : "success",
      "username" : "TestyTest",
      "LiberaChat" : {
          "irc.libera.chat" : {
              "host" : "irc.libera.chat",
              "port" : "+6697",
              "password" : ""
      "networks" : "LiberaChat"