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Connecting with Revolution IRC

This guide will tell you how to connect to our bouncers using the Revolution IRC client which is available at Google Play Store.

For the purposes of this guide, we have used Revolution IRC 0.5.0 (Beta)


The Revolution IRC client needs to be configured to be able to connect to the bouncer. When you launch the app, you should be presented with the server window. On the bottom right of this window is a plus symbol (+). Click on this and you should be presented with a window like this:

Screenshot of Revolution IRC's Add Server window

The options need to be filled in as follows:

Option Description Value / Recommended Value
Name The name of the network you are adding (Can be anything) My IRC Bouncer
Server address This is the address of the server that your bouncer has been added on(i.e, <server>
Port The port you wish to connect on (Non-SSL: 1337 / SSL: 1339) 1339
Use SSL/TLS If this box is checked, SSL/TLS will be used to connect (Port 1339 Only) Checked
Server Password This should be the username and password you use to authenticate to the bouncer


This should be the username, password and network you use to authenticate to the bouncer




Authentication Mode The authentication method that will be used (Should be none for PASS authentication) None
Nicknames The nickname you wish to use on IRC (The bouncer will set this regardless if it is filled in) MyNickname

You should now have a window that looks something like this:

Screenshot of Revolution IRC's Add Server window

Once completed, press the tick in the top right corner to add the server.


Once you have added the new server following the steps above, either press on the new network to connect or you can press and hold for more options.

Screenshot of Revolution IRC's Server Window