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This module is used to identify you to NickServ automatically when you reconnect to IRC



This module takes 1 argument

Argument Type Description
Password* Optional The password you use to identify to NickServ

Note: After the NickServ module is loaded, the password is removed from the module arguments (shown in webpanel) for security reasons but the password is still saved


To set your NickServ password so that the module can identify to NickServ, use the following command:

   /msg *nickserv set <your nickserv password>

To delete the saved NickServ password, use the following command:

   /msg *nickserv clear

The 'SetCommand' allows you to change the pattern used to generate the string passed to the NickServ service on the IRC Network. Normally the default setting works for most networks however if the network for some reason does not conform to the standard NickServ format or has a different NickServ name, the following command can be used to change it:

   /msg *nickserv setcommand <command name> <new command pattern>

An example of how this can be used to change the command format to work with the DALNet IRC network is as follows:

   /msg *nickserv setcommand IDENTIFY PRIVMSG :IDENTIFY {password}

Note: Using {password} in the command line will replace '{password}' with the NickServ password you have set in this module.

Further Information

More information on the format of the NickServ IDENTIFY command for Anope and Atheme IRC services used on a majority of networks can be found below: