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This module attempts to block CTCP Floods by allowing you to blocking and a defined number of CTCP messages in a certain time frame. By default, this module blocks 4 CTCP messages in 2 seconds.



This module takes 2 arguments

Argument Type Description
Lines Optional The number of CTCP lines to receive before activating protection
Seconds Optional The number of seconds that the number of lines have to be received in before protection is activated


This module works without any form of user interaction when loaded. It is possible to to set the number of seconds that the module should wait before trying to rejoin the channel you have been kicked from.

   /msg *ctcpflood lines <number of lines>

Set the number of lines that have to be received in X seconds to trigger flood protection.

   /msg *ctcpflood secs <seconds>

Set the amount of seconds that X CTCP lines have to be recieved in to trigger flood protection.

   /msg *ctcpflood show

Show the current settings for the module