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This module will make the bouncer cycle a channel when you are the only user in the channel and do not have operator status. This is particularly useful for regaining channels on networks such as EFNet which have no services.



This module takes 1 argument

Argument Type Description
Channels Optional A space separated list of channels that autocycle should or shouldn't be enabled on


The following command can be used to add a channel that you would like the bouncer to auto cycle:

   /msg *autocycle add #somechannel

Wildcards can also be used to add range of channels that are prefixed in the same way:

   /msg *autocycle add #somechannels-*

It is also possible to explicitly disable autocycle on a channel using the following:

   /msg *autocycle add !#someotherchannel

To delete a channel so that autocycle is no longer enabled on it, use the following:

   /msg *autocycle del #somechannel

To list all the channels on the autocycle list, use the following command:

   /msg *autocycle list