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* [[Connect:KVIrc|KVIrc]]
* [[Connect:KVIrc|KVIrc]]
* [[Connect:mIRC|mIRC]]
* [[Connect:mIRC|mIRC]]
* [[Connect:Pidgin|Pidgin]]
* [[Connect:Weechat|Weechat]]
* [[Connect:Weechat|Weechat]]

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How to Connect

This page provides information on how to connect to your IRC Bouncer using an IRC Client.

Most Clients

Most clients come with a "/server" command that can be used to connect. The syntax of the command is usually as follows:

   /server <server>:<port> <password>

Below is an example of the "/server" command that would be used to connect the Apple server on the SSL port (1339), authenticate as "TestOne" with the password "foo":

   /server apple.bnc4free.com:+1339 TestOne:foo

If the account has multiple networks and you want to attach to a specific network such as "Freenode" for example, the command would be as follows:

   /server apple.bnc4free.com:+1339 TestOne/Freenode:foo

Note¹ Some clients require a space between the server and the port (i.e "/server apple.bnc4free.com +1339 ...")

Note² Some clients require an ssl option in the "/server" command (i.e "/server -ssl apple.bnc4free.com 1339 ...")

Specific Clients

Information for specific clients can be found using one the links below:

Desktop Clients

Mobile Clients