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This module will allow you to view the raw traffic between the IRC Server and your bouncer. An example of the information this module will show you is provided below.

   <*raw> IRC -> [:yanmaani!~yanmaani@gateway/tor-sasl/yanmaani PRIVMSG #perl :Not ungodly. If you don't get any JOIN/PART floods, it's fine.]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:yaraju!sid341344@gateway/web/ AWAY :Auto-away]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:pipbgsz!d4a5e59e@ JOIN #freenode pipbgsz :]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:yanmaani!~yanmaani@gateway/tor-sasl/yanmaani PRIVMSG #perl :I've set out my client to filter out joins and parts except for users who recently sent messages.]
   <*raw> YOU -> [PING LAG1587511901620]
   <*raw> IRC -> [ PONG :LAG1587511901620]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:yanmaani!~yanmaani@gateway/tor-sasl/yanmaani PRIVMSG #perl :it's a bit of a hack though]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:LeoNerd! PRIVMSG #perl :It's still a terrible hack and means wrong information. Just do it right. Really]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:LeoNerd! PRIVMSG #perl :It's not hard]
   <*raw> IRC -> [:yanmaani!~yanmaani@gateway/tor-sasl/yanmaani PRIVMSG #perl :not great, not terrible]



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