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This module attempts to regain your primary nickname. This is particularly useful IRC networks that do not have services (such as NickServ) to reserve your nickname to prevent others from taking it and particularly useful during netsplits/reconnections to regain your nickname quickly after the server has split or previous connection to the network has terminated.



This module takes no arguments


This module works without any form of user interaction when loaded. When your primary nickname isn't available on the network, the module should try to get it for you. It is possible to enable/disable keepnick and check whether the module is trying to regain your primary nickname using commands.

   /msg *keepnick enable

Enable keepnick and try to regain the primary nickname

   /msg *keepnick disable

Disable keepnick and don't try to regain the primary nickname

   /msg *keepnick state

Tells you what state the module is in; whether the module is currently trying to change your nick or not.

   /msg *keepnick help <?search>

Shows the list of available commands for this module with the ability to optionally search for word/phrase in help output.

Module States

The module has two states:

  • The enabled state - The module is actively trying to acquire your primary nickname. The module will enter this state if you connect to IRC and someone is already using your nickname. Your nickname will be changed to your primary nick when it becomes available and the module will then enter the disabled state.
  • The disabled state - The module is not trying to acquire your primary nickname. The module will enter this state if you change to your primary nick, if you intentionally change your nick from your primary nick to something else (so that you can change your nick without being forced back to your primary nickname), or if you are prevented from changing nick by a channel mode, ban or any other restriction